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Registration information

  • Nia Intensives are $1599 USD

  • First you will register at nianow.com. $799.50 USD of your tuition will be
    collected at that time. This is a transferable but non-refundable payment.
  • Then $799.50 USD of your tuition is collected by France-Laude and
    it is due 30 days before the intensive.

  • There are additional Nia licensing fees for those wishing to become Nia Teachers

    please contact francelaude "at" gmail.com


April 12, 13, 14, 15 and April 20, 21, 22 (2018)
Nia White Belt Intensive - over two weekends
Move Me Studio
1320 4th St, San Rafael, California

payment instructions: A $799.50 registration fee is paid to nianow.com
and a $799.50 instruction fee is paid to france-laude. total cost = $1599 USD

1) click here to register and pay $799.50 registration fee to nianow.com
if you need assistance with the nianow website, please contact
nia headquarters at 800-762-5762.

2) Next pay the $799.50 instruction fee to France-Laude.

  • Payment is due 30 days before the intensive starts.
  • Cash payment is welcomed. Contact france-laude for details.
  • We also accept credit cards. Use the PayPal button just below to make $799.50 USD balance payment to France-Laude with your credit card.
    a paypal account is not required. (see this)
  • if you need assistance with this part of the process, please contact
    francelaude at gmail.com

A Paypal account is not needed.
If you want to pay with a credit card,
when you get to the PayPal page,
click the button that looks like this:


Attention: If you are going to make this payment from outside the US, you should call the number on the back of your credit card, and tell the bank that you are about to make an internet purchase in the United States.
Otherwise, the charges might be declined.



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